Maxar Technologies

Aerospace Engineering Intern, Summer 2021

This summer at Maxar, I will be working on spacecraft simulation software. This will involve using my software engineering and aerospace engineering skills while working with on a team of interns.

GE Aviation

GE Aviation

Technical Intern, Summer 2020

At GE Aviation, I learned the fundamentals of jet engine propulsion, supply chain management, Six Sigma, and Lean. I applied my skills working on a team to complete a simulated New Product Introduction (NPI) project.

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NASA Meatball

NASA Ames, Aeromechanics Division

Aerospace Intern, Group Lead, Summer 2019

At NASA, I lead a team of 3 other interns to develop a proof-of-concept robot for a drone to aid in wild fire fighting. To do this, systems engineering methods were used to create a concept and firmware was written in C++.

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Busek Co. Inc.

Aerospace Engineering Intern, Summer 2018

At Busek, I worked to edit and improve drawings, models, and assemblies in Solidworks which I completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Additionally, I developed standard procedures for PCB prototyping, and designed and built a vacuum chuck.

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USLI Launch

NASA University Student Launch Initiative

Documentation Officer, Avionics Lead, Ongoing
Captain, 2019-2020
Co-Founder, Safety Officer, 2018-2019

USLI is a NASA rocketry competition. I co-founded the WPI team and later became the Captain, leading a team of 9 officers and 44 general members in the design, construction, and testing of rocket and drone payload.

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Sigma Gamma Tau

Inducted in 2019

Sigma Gamma Tau is a national aerospace honors society which recognizes academic excellence in the field. The WPI chapter runs programs such as tutoring and alumni networking to improve the Aerospace Department and help students.

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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Public Relations Officer, 2020-2021
General Member, 2017-2022

The AIAA is a national professional organization. The WPI student branch hosts aerospace activities and runs a number of subcommittees such as USLI.

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Battle of the Rockets

Battle of the Rockets

Member, 2017-2018

Battle of the Rockets is a rocketry competition similar to, but lower stakes than USLI. The team designed and built a high powered rocket and rover payload in addition to a target altitude rocket.

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MPQ Rocket Cross Section

Design, Analysis, and Test of a High-Powered Model Rocket

Senior Capstone Project, August 2020-March 2021

On an 8 person team, I completed my MQP. The team designed a high powered rocket to propulsivley land. My main contribution was a 6 degree of freedom dynamical simulator that modeled the entire flight of the vehicle.

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Level 2 Rocket Launch

High Power Rocketry Certification

Level 2 HPR Certification, Currently Pursuing
Level 1 HPR Certification, 2018

I am certified by the National Association of Rocketry to purchase and use rocket motors of up to 640 Newton-seconds. To do this, I designed and built a rocket to fly on a high power motor. I am currently pursuing the next level of Certification.

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Written Summer of 2019 (ActiveRoster)
Written Summer of 2020 (ActiveRoster2)

In order to track attendance and create a sense of accountability in USLI, I wrote ActiveRoster. The program tracks attendance at USLI events enabling USLI officers to determine who is and isn't an active member of the team.

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Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout, Bronze Palm

Boy Scouts of America, 2017

Eagle Scout is the highest rank achievable in scouting. It is the culmination of years of work and leadership. My Eagle Project involved working with the City of Waltham to build a large raised garden for a local senior home.

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