Worcester Polytechnic Institute

MS in Aerospace Engineering, Expected May 2022, 4.0 gpa.

BS in Aerospace Engineering, Minor in Computer Science, December 2021.


MPQ Rocket Cross Section

Design, Analysis, and Test of a High-Powered Model Rocket

Senior Capstone Project, August 2020-March 2021

On an 8 person team, I completed my MQP. The team designed a high powered rocket to propulsivley land. My main contribution was a 6 degree of freedom dynamical simulator that modeled the entire flight of the vehicle.

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Space Debris Surveillance

Collaborative Space Debris Surveillance

Graduate Directed Research, C and D term 2021

I am currently working together with another student to develop an algorithm to enable arbitrary satellites in low Earth orbit to work together to estimate the orbits of space debris. We are creating a simulation to validate the method.

Microchannel Apparatus

Electrohydrodynamically Enhanced Two Phase Flow in Microchannels

Graduate Directed Research, D term 2020 and B term 2021

I worked on designing a new testing apparatus for studying Electrohydrodynamically Enhanced Two Phase Flow in Microchannels. In the past, I completed a literature review on nucleate boiling in microchannels for this project.

Level 2 Rocket Launch

Optical Isolation System for Temperature Profiling of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Fuel Bar

Graduate Directed Research, B term 2021

A prior student created a teflon fuel bar with four embedded thermocouples in order to measure its temperature during operation. They must be electrically insulated from the computer reading them. I worked to create an optical isolation circuit for this.

Graduate Courses

  • Optimal Control
  • Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems*
  • Control of Linear Dynamical Systems*
  • Spacecraft Propulsion*
  • Applied Statistics*
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Composite Materials*

Undergraduate Courses

Aerospace Engineering

  • Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Communication
  • Aircraft Dynamics and Control
  • Introduction to Aerospace Control Systems
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Structural Dynamics**
  • Engineering Experimentation
  • Astronautics
  • Introduction to Structures
  • Atmosphere and Space Environments
  • Rocket Propulsion
  • Spacecraft and Mission Design

Computer Science

  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithms
  • Systems Programing
  • Object Oriented Programing
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Application Building with Object-Oriented Concepts*


  • Compressible Fluids
  • Incompressible Fluids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Intermediate Mechanics
  • General Physics, Mechanics
  • General Physics, Electricity and Magnetism


  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariable Calculus

* Planned for 2021/2022 school year.